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Welcome to SAR Teams
Dedicated to saving lives through accurate attendance.

The best way to manage your response team! Fast, Effective, Accurate.

SAR Teams is the easiest and fastest mission and training attendance application on the web. Originally developed for the Alpine Rescue Team in Colorado, we decided it was too good to keep a secret. After working with other systems that just didn't meet their needs, ART needed a system that was flexible, fast, strong and most of all, easy to use. This is it.

Many other emergency response systems cost thousands of dollars to purchase and hundreds of hours to implement. Not ours. The cost is minimal, only around a few lattes per month. You can learn more about it and sign up here.

Features list:
  1. Track mission details, attendance and total person hours.
  2. Track training details, attendance and total person hours.
  3. Track member attendance and percentage for all events
  4. Completely accurate attendance details available to any assigned member
  5. Administrative features below can be assigned independantly or collectively to individual members:
    • Manage Members
    • Manage Events
    • Manage Locations
    • Manage Member Activation
    • Manage Pro Purchase Accounts
    • Manage Team Positions
    • Member Status/Rank
    • Manage Vehicles
    • Manage Equipment
    • Manage Certification Types
    • Manage Certification Details
    • View Attendance Reports
    • View Member Report
    • View Global Events Report
For a quick tour, scroll down for key screen shots. For a real tour, please contact: sar at sarteams dot com.

The Brains of the system.

The hardest part of tracking individual's time is getting them to do it. Our system is built to be extremely simple for members to use. In many cases, members don't even need to use it in order to have their attendance tracked.

When each team member logs in, they are immediately presented with a list of recent events. All they need to do is check a box for each event they attended and click submit. (They can even search all past events.)

Also, when the Team Leader creates the event in the system, they can select every member that attended and then that member's attendance is made up to date. The screen to add an event is also very simple.

The other key to this system are the detailed reports that are available. The main ones are here:

Attendance Reports - Short Form

Attendance Reports - Long Form

Individual Member Reports

Global Report

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    The System

    For all volunteer rescue teams, the cost is a small annual fee. Please contact Mark at 'sar at sarteams dot com' and join some of the many teams already using SARTeams.

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    "I want to thank you for your fantastic support, it's been a delight working with you on this applicaiton."



    "this thing is awesome and if I look at all the headaches we had with the [OTHER] program, this is 1000 times better."

    "this new system does exactly what we want and need."

    "...and we love your SARteams site!"

    "I'm pretty happy because it will replace our spreadsheet. "

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